London Fashion Week Spotlight: David Koma

Beyoncé once sang that, if she were a boy, she would quite like to hang out, drink some beers with the guys and turn off her phone. Frankly, Bey-Bey, you are WASTING that opportunity, but that’s your business. If I were a girl, I’m pretty sure I would want to be David Koma‘s girl, and spend my time stomping around town in his amazing creations, getting into all sorts of mischief…


Plenty of celebrity ladies, Mrs. Carter included, have been doing just that of late – the lovely Jennifer Lawrence wore a dress by the Georgia-born Central Saint Martins grad to last year’s GLAAD Awards (god bless J-Law, doing her bit for the gays), Kylie has performed in his clothes, and the original bad girl, Naomi Campbell, is a fan. And who wouldn’t be? I mean, just look at these dresses…



They are pretty fierce, wouldn’t you say? For me, one of the greatest things that fashion can do is empower a person, and I can’t help but feel that these clothes would empower any woman wearing them. I mean, sure, to really pull if off you might have to forego the pastry section at Pret every morning, and perhaps spend lunchtime on a treadmill rather than scoffing down a sandwich, but assuming you could get into them, these clothes would surely make you feel like you could do anything.


There was leather and pony-skin, the harnessing Koma showed last season was back (and I did not mind at all – if it ain’t broke and all that…), there were skater skirts and pleats, and the whole thing was nearly exclusively black, save for a couple of white (as above) and deep purple looks.


Koma is a busy man – he has recently become Creative Director of Mugler on top of designing his own line – but it’s not wonder that his skills are in high demand. The David Koma girl is strong, tough, confident and very sexy – who in their right mind would not want to be all of those things?



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